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Glossary of MPC Terms

A leader: Leader of A walk.

A Walk: Walk of 10-16 miles, which usually has some challenges. The main walk of the day. Usually starts 10.00 - 11.00 am. However, at the AGM of 2019, it was decided that the A and B walks would be combined into one shorter walk.

A+ Walk: Walk of around 20 miles, usually strenuous, for machos. Usually starts early.

Alan sheet: A sheet of paper on which a member records the times of arrival at various points on a walk. Following the practice of Alan Redfern (President 2014?-2016) who would note down the times one year and announce, the next year, how the speed compared.

All Throughers: Those who complete a long walk where most complete only part of it; coined after the Manchester - London walk of 1904.

B leader: Leader of B walk.

B Walk: Walk of 7-10 miles, less challenging, for those not quite so fit, or who cannot arrive so early. Starts around noon. However, at the AGM of 2019, it was decided that the A and B walks would be combined into one shorter walk.

C leader: Leader of C walk.

C Walk: Walk of around 4-6 miles, for those who need something easy.

D Walk: No such thing (yet). Hope we don't get so doddery that we need these!

Euro-fizz: Lager, usually as consumed by Alan R. Term coined by Noel S in 2015. Almost synonymous with 'Euro-flat', when said lager has lost its sparkle.

Day Leader: The member who arranges the walk, and who collects all names of walkers for the day. Usually the A Leader but not always.

Festival: Celebrating walking with the Club in a weekend away. Usually in an hotel, situated among several walks. See page on MPC Festival Weekends.

Indian Head: A tough climb up. After the climb of this name near Chew Reservoir.

Leader: The leader of each walk, who (supposedly) knows the route and has, supposedly, reccy'd it.

Reccy: Reconnoitre of a walk by its leader. In theory every walk is reccy'd each year, just in case parts of the route have been closed (e.g. illegally) or have fallen away into the river below.

Report: The thing that day leaders often forget until the last minute: They should send in a report of the walks that occurred on their day, highlighting any items of interest, especially mishaps and the unexpected. Compiled into Retrospect.

Retrospect: Report on the year's walks compiled by the Retrospect Editor from reports send in by individual day leaders. Published in the Members' Handbook each year around Christmas time. Interest seems more important than information.

Saddleworth: Mud. (Also a moor NE of Manchester.)

Spello: Spell of rest, which was neither lunch nor tea nor a visit to a pub. Typically taken half way to lunch time, or whenever the leader felt like it.

Tea miles: Miles accorded to a member who turns up for a meal but does not walk. Usually 3 miles.

Walk leaflet: This is a leaflet, traditionally on one side of A5 paper, which gives full details of all the walks (A, B, C) that are taking place on a particular day. Traditionally, leaflets for walks in the next two or three months have been sent out to all members by post, but increasing use is being made of email. The following is a leaflet from 1959 - notice there was only one walk, and members caught the train midday after half a day's Saturday work.

Walks leaflet from 1959 (1603,1971 px)

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