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These pages display around ten members' photographs, mainly taken on MPC walks, with description, member's name, date taken and MPC walk number. Each page links to the previous page.

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The copyright of each photograph is deemed to belong to the named member, unless otherwise stated.


Walk 5307

2 June 2018

John Procter

Festival Group, Berwyns

Walk 5302

29 April 2018

John Procter

w=4608 h=2592



Geoff Orsler

w=4608 h=2592



Geoff Orsler

w=4108 h=2824 Well deserved meal

Walk 5285

2 Dec 2017

Geoff Orsler

w=5312 h=2988 At Wheatsheaf after Longdendale walk

Walk 5281

4 Nov 2017

John Procter


Walk 4990

15 Oct 2011

Geoff Orsler

Monsall Dale, Buxton

Unknown walk

Early 2000s?

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