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Some Older Photographs

This page contains some photographs supplied by members during the 2020 Covid-19 Coronavirus lockdown, of walks from previous years. Each has its description, member's name, date taken and MPC walk number. Click on each to view at full resolution.

The copyright of each photograph is deemed to belong to the named member, unless otherwise stated.

- 1997, 2002 -

Carn Mor Dearg, Ben Nevis

Festival - See Story below

24th June 1997 ?

(c) David Chadderton

Two atop Ravenstones

Walk 4528

4th May 2002

(c) David Chadderton

- 2012 - 2014 -

Frodsham woods

Walk 5035

22nd September 2012

(c) Geoff Orsler

Sandstone trail

Walk 5073

13th July 2013

(c) Geoff Orsler

Marsden Moor

Walk 5103

8 March 2014

(c) Geoff Orsler

- 2015 -


Walk 5145

24th January 2015

(c) Geoff Orsler

18th August 2015

(c) Geoff Orsler

Marple - Hayfield

Walk 5186

7th November 2015

(c) Geoff Orsler

Macclesfield Forest

Walk 5188

21st November 2015

(c) Geoff Oesler

- 2016 -

Above Ladybower Reservoir

Walk ?

10th February 2016

(c) Geoff Orsler

Overlooking Derwent Valley ?

Walk ?

10th February 2016

(c) Geoff Orsler

Sunrise over Chew Reservoir ?

24th February 2016

(c) Geoff Orsler

Edale Circular

Walk 5212

4th June 2016

(c) Geoff Orsler

At the start of the Pennine Way

Walk 5212

4th June 2016

(c) Geoff Orsler

- 2017 -

Longdendale start: Glossop station

Walk 5281

4th November 2017

(c) Geoff Orsler

Longdendale end, in pub

Walk 5281

4th November 2017

(c) Geoff Orsler

Overflow at Torside Reservoir

Walk 5281

4th November 2017

(c) Geoff Orsler

- 2018 -

Longdendale trail

Walk 5293

17th February 2018

(c) Geoff Orsler

Guess where!

5th August 2018

(c) Geoff Orsler

- 2019 -

Montgomery moorland is almost as good as Pennines!

5348 Festival

14th April 2019

(c) Geoff Orsler

Slaithwaite Brewery

? Reccy

28th October 2019

(c) John Procter

Stories and Notes

Re. Ben Nevis

Some notes on the Ben Nevis excursion from David Chadderton and Alan Redfern:


One of the photos in Andrew's e mail is of the crossing of the Carn Mor Dearg ridge on Ben Nevis. I remember we met you on the ridge as you had come across to meet us.

Can you remember the date of that happening as the weekend is not mentioned in any of the MPC handbooks that I have kept! Andrew can't find it either.

It was quite a hard day too!

Best wishes,



Hi David et al,

It was good to be reminded of that excellent MPC day on Ben Nevis.

The date was 24th June, 1997, and details of the walk, as entered in my diary, are attached. On the day, John Renwick led the 'A' party ascent via Carn Mor Dearg and the arrete.

I led the 'B' party (only myself) on the Tourist Route ascent. But as you say, having gained the summit, I went on to meet the 'A' party.


the trip to Scotland was an official Club enterprise, though it was arranged too late to go into the Handbook. The stimulus for going to Fort William to climb Ben Nevis was Reg Redfearn who stressed to me that he had always wanted to do that climb. I did check with the President, Peter Mallinson, that he had no objection to this trip. He held the view that the trip would have limited appeal to members, and would not clash with our Saturday walks.

We set off, on train tickets kindly booked by Stan Price on Monday, 23rd June, 1997.

A failed locomotive at Motherwell seriously delayed our arrival in Glasgow but the railways laid on taxis (yes, taxis!) to take us all the way to Fort William! The meter in my taxi registered 96 on arrival at the Alexandra Hotel where we were staying. On Tuesday, 24th June, we climbed Ben Nevis, the 'A' Party going via Carn More Dearg and the arrete. On the following day we took the bus to Kinlochleven and walked back to Fort William via the military road and the Lairig Mor valley another excellent walk. On Thursday, 26th June, ewe travelled home without incident.

We were again in Fort William, climbing Ben Nevis for the Club June weekend during my first Presidential year: 2000. We climbed Ben Nevis successfully on Saturday 10th June, 2000, but during that weekend most of our party were laid low by some tummy bug. I was unable to lead the walk on the Sunday and John Renwick kindly stepped in.

This latter MPC extravaganza is mentioned (Page 52) in my book "TOWARDS THE CENTENARY: 1975 to 2000"

I hope that these further details help to explain what went on in 1997.

The irony was that after the 1997 trip, Reg Redfearn admitted that it wasn't Ben Nevis that he had been thinking of. Actually, he'd had Cairngorm in mind! The Club did successfully mount an assault on Cairngorm, in a later year, but that's another story.

Kind regards,


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