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This page explains walking with the Manchester Pedestrian Club. It sets out:

The Nature and Format of MPC Walks

MPC walks usually occur on a Saturday, and usually comprise three option.

Each has a different starting time and route, designed so that they finish at approximately the same time, so that members of all walks can share a meal together. Each walk has a designated leader, who has reconnoitred the walk. The routes and starting times and names of leaders are published on the Walk Leaflet, which are sent to members and to non-members who contact the Club indicating they wish to join a walk.

Meeting for the Walk: Most participants arrive by car, sometimes shared, and some arrive by train, bus or cycle. Those taking part in a walk should ensure they meet at the designated starting point before the designated start time. Leaders are under no obligation to wait for late participants. However when a participant finds they are likely to be late, they should warn the leader by mobile phone if possible.

At the meeting point, participants might need to change into walking attire. Smarter attire is usually left in cars.

During the walk: Enjoy the walk. Participants are expected to stay together. It is the responsibility of participants to keep in contact with the leader during the walk.

Lunch: Usually participants of A walks carry packed lunches, and these are consumed at a time and place chosen by the walk leader. Participants of B and C walks usually eat before the walk. On each walk, 'spellos' occur: 'spell of rest'.

End of Walk: Participants are normally expected to stay for the meal, though there is no obligation to do so. Participants change into 'smart casual' clothes for the meal (jacket and tie), usually in the car park. A club tie is available for sale to members.

The Meal: The meal is booked in advance at a nearby venue, for a time published on the Walk Leaflet. Traditionally, participants have given notice of their preferred meal in advance; usually soup, main course and coffee/tea. While the latter are being consumed, a short speech is offered by the President to thank the leaders of the walk, followed by a short speech by the Day Leader.

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(c) John Procter 2017

Members of the MPC may join a meal without participating in the walk.

Insurance for walks arranged by the Club via the Ramblers Association. The leader is not liable for any injuries that occur during the walk.

Safety on MPC Walks

The Manchester Pedestrian Club is a private members organisation which provides no services to its members except by organising walks in which members can take part if they choose to do so.

The following rules apply to both members and non-members who join a walk. During the walk those who are not members of the Manchester Pedestrian Club are treated as members of the walk. [Added by AB]

1. All members walk at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. The choice of which walks to take part in is a matter for the individual member, who should consult the Leader if they has any doubts about their capacity to complete a walk.

2. Walk Leaders are members who volunteer to lead walks and whose only responsibility is to navigate. They are not responsible for the safety of other walkers.

3. During a walk: [expanded by AB]

4. Members who bring guests on walks are responsible for the safety and behaviour of those guests.

Process for Joining MPC Walks

MPC Members who wish to join a walk should inform the Day Leader no later than the Thursday before the walk.

Non-members are welcome on walks; they should send an email to the MPC with the following information:

at least one week before the walk.

The MPC Secretary will then send them details of walk, especially the start and end points and times of the walk, and whether lunch should be carried on the walk. The MPC Secretary will also inform the appropriate walk leader of their interest. The walk leader will normally contact them and explain the walk with them (but is under no obligation to do so).

The participant is then expected to arrive at the starting point in plenty of time, with suitable clothing for walking and also a 'smart casual' change of clothes into which to change prior to the meal.

Non-members who have undertaken at least three walks with the MPC and at least three meals may then apply for membership. See Becoming a Member of the MPC.

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