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Early Walks of the Manchester Pedestrian Club, 1903 - 1909

The following walks were the first ones organised by the Manchester Pedestrian Club or associated with it.

Walk / Date Name Organiser or Notes Description
Prior to Official MPC Formation
Saturday 23 May 1903 Manchester - Southport 'Heel & Toe' Race, 100 walkers King 41 m, Roads
Tuesday 16th June 1903 Manchester Pedestrian Club Founded.
Meeting to organise other walks
11 July Hayfield - Castleton via Snake, Win Hill, Bamford King 21 m,
26 July Hazelhead - Bamford At this walk, it was proposed that a club should be formed, known as the "Manchester Pedestrian Club" Hazelhead - Langsett - Derwent Dale - Ashopton - Bamford
Walks Organised by the MPC, 1903
Plan: Fortnightly walks on Saturdays
1, 2 August Glossop - Derwinston
2, 8 August Handforth - Plumley "ended in chaos"! Handforth Stn - Prestbury - Broken Cross - Siddington - Old Withington - Goostrey
? Hope - Matlock ? (This was reported in the Evening News as occurring on 8th August, but these do not agree with the programme that was published.)
22 August Disley - Alderley Ladies invited 11.5 m
5 Sep Edale - Bakewell
19 Sep Alderley Edge - Congleton 'Short Distance Championship Race' Won in 1 hr 43 mins by E.C. Brotherton
October Diggle - Crowden
October Macclesfield - Buxton
2 Nov Waterloo Hotel First Annual Dinner
14 Dec Moseley Hotel First Annual General Meeting
"The M.P.C. was now established and solvent - but it was still a competitive 'heel and toe' racing club and it was only during the next year that the ethos of comradeship and courtesy was to evolve which would carry it through the century." [E. Watson]
Walks in 1904
Plan: 15 Saturday walks, 10 Sunday walks, starting in March
Few details are known.

However, a Walks Convenor role was established, so that the Secretary would not need to arrange all the walks. It was in 1904 that the system of members taking turns to organise and lead walks was established. Those two characteristics have continued to this day.

First walk (March) Rivington With supper in Manchester
21st May Manchester - London Start in St Anne's Square 1.0 pm, 20 members.
Reporters from national press covered the walk.
Manchester (St Anne's Sq) - Congleton - Rugeley - Coventry - Stoney Stratford - St. Albans - London (Marble Arch)
First cup for member who walks most miles in the year.
Walks in 1905
Walks arranged March to September, alternative Saturdays, with one Sunday per month. (Most businesses worked Saturdays, often half-days.)
Walks in 1906
Walks in 1907
Walks in 1908
Walks in 1909
39 walks arranged for and walked in 1909.
7 days Lancaster - Edinburgh

Full list of MPC walks is available on separate page.

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