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MPC Walks 2001 -
Walking During a Foot and Mouth Outbreak

The following MPC walks occurred in 2001. 2001 was the year of the Foot and Mouth outbreak, which began on 19th February and ran to the end of the year. The right of access to land was rescinded, so the planned schedule of walks had to be redesigned, so that all walks were along roads.

Sheep lined up for burning, BBC News; click for full picture

(c) BBC News, 2001

2001 also saw a couple of innovations. One was the planning of several longer AA or A* walks, in addition to A and B walks. The other was that evening walks were introduced by Stan Price. These were usually on Wednesday evenings, taking a train to somewhere in the outskirts of Manchester and walking back into the centre for a meal.

A number of circulars are missing from the archive. Several members helped by sending me material in their possession. However, a few gaps remain, for which I have entered the details from the Walks Programme Table, 2nd edition. Because of Foot & Mouth, some of these might not be correct so have a question-mark added.

Given are the walk number and date, the name of the walk, its location in relation to Manchester, and the grade of the A walk. The B and C walks are shorter (usually 8-9, 5-6 miles), and less strenuous.

Walk Date Name Day Leader Description
January 2001
4462 6 Jan Chinley Churn Wilson A=13m: Hayfield - Sett Valley - Chinley Churn - Shireoaks - Brown Knoll - Edale Cross - Hayfield
4463 13 Jan Tintwistle - Six Reservoirs Kay A=11m: Hobson Moor Rd - Slatepit Moor - Lees Hil - Ogden Brook - Arnfield - Landslow Grn
4464 20 Jan Rossendale Price A=13m, B=9m
4465 27 Jan Glossop Redfern A=13m, B-0m
February 2001
4466 3 Feb Castleton Pocklington A=10m, B=8
4467 10 Feb Heptonstall Whalley A=13m, B=9m
4468 17 Feb Ogden Baker AA=17m, A=12m, B=8m
-- 19th February: Foot and Mouth Outbreak began --

Foot and Mouth closing the moorlands

Photo, Courtesy Wikipedia 2018.

4469 24 Feb (Belmont - Cancelled) Shackley A=15m, B=7m
March 2001
4470 3 Mar (Roaches - Cancelled) Cooper A=15m: Gradbach CP - Sniddles - Gib Tor - Ramshaw Rocks - Bearstone Rock - Back Dane
4471 10 Mar Southport Beach
(was Whaley Bridge) -
4472 17 Mar Cragg Vale - Altered to walk on tarmac roads and canal paths around Saddleworth Warren

The 2001 Walks Programme and the effects of Foot and Mouth Disease

Letter to Members, 21 March 2001 from hon. Walks Convenors.

It is apparent that the Club is not able to continue with the with the Walks Programme published in the 2001 Handbook and your Committee has been giving a deal of thought as to how we should proceed.

So far, two walks have been rearranged by the existing Day Leaders. John Higgins altered the Whaley Bridge walk to Southport Beach, and Steward Warren altered the Cragg Vale walk to a tarmac road and canal tow-path walk round Saddleworth.

What is proposed for the time being is that the Day Leaders designated in the 2001 Walks Programme should consider if it is possible to devise an alternative walk to comply with the guidance that we are being given by the local National Park, National Trust, Local Authority Rangers and British Waterways.

At the date of writing, this seems to be as follows:

  1. We should not walk on any paths through farmland, moorland, National Trust land and other closed areas and paths designated by the National Parks and Local Authorities. (To do so is now a criminal offence.)
  2. 2000 miles of canal towpaths are already closed, but some towpaths that run through urban and other built up areas away from susceptible animals can still be walked. British Waterways offices can provide details.
  3. Most Bridleways and Long Distance paths such as the Trans-Pennine Bridleway and the old railway track paths are closed, but some, e.g. the Delph Donkey path in Saddleworth, remain open.
  4. Permission has been received for walking on fenced or walled tarmacced roads (e.g. the road up Borrowdale) and on footpaths alongside main roads.

The proposition is that members wishing to walk on a Saturday would in the first instance telephone the designated Day Leader, as normal, on the preceding Thursday. If the Day Leader has been able to devise a suitable walk, then members would book on, with details of the starting point, parking, the route, if there is a B walk, mileage, etc. being given to them over the telephone.

If the Day Leader is not able to put on a walk, (and this may happen quite frequently in the current circumstances) but an alternative walk led by another member is available, the designated Day Leader will refer all callers to the alternative leader, who will give details of the alternative walk to callers and book them in. If neither the designated day leader nor any other member can offer a walk, then we would not have an official club walk on that day.

Since the present F&M restrictions are likely to be in force for 2-3 months at least, the Committee will welcome offers from members willing to lead walks on tarmac, walks in urban (unrestricted) areas or seaside walks. There would be no requirement for a meal to be arranged, but if this could be done at short notice, so much the better.

Please pass on all offers to the Hon. Secretary, the Hon. Walks Convenor, or any member of the Walks Convenor's Team, if possible in time for the next Committee meeting on Tuesday 27th March.

At the time of writing, the current alternative walks programme is as follows:

  • 4473 24-Mar Cown Edge     Cancelled.
  • 4474 31-Mar Hathersage     Hope Circular - Day Leader: Ron Wilson.
  • 4475 5/8-April Cornwall Festival Going ahead (but with changed programme).

Alternative walks such as city walls of York or Chester, Blackpool Promenade, inner city canals and the Howarth and Todmorden areas are under investigation. Please note: Festival Walk 4485 15/17 June Isle of Man is cancelled. The possibility of a Club walks web site, limited to MPC members only , by password access, is also under active consideration.

Written by D Chadderton, A Redfern, D Pocklington and members of the Walks Convenor's team and issued with the authority of the President. March 21, 2001.     DC813c.

4473 24 Mar (Cown Edge - Cancelled) Townend m
4474 31 Mar Hope Circular
(was Hathersage)
Wilson A=13m: Woodroffe Arms - Aston - Thornhill - Yorkshire Bridge - New Road - Goggers Lane - Bamford Rose Garden - Hope.
April 2001
4475 7 Apr Cornwall Festival
4476 14 Apr West Pennine Moors - Shortened Cross A=14 m: Barlow Institute - Walsh Fold - Affetside - Jumbles Res - Turton Tower - Stone Circle - Turton & Entwiste Res - Fairy Battery - Station - Wahoh Res.
B=9m: round the reservoirs
4477 21 Apr Sea-front walk, south of Blackpool
(was Three Peaks)
Anthony (Orig: AA=23m: Horton in Ribblesdale - Sulber Nick - Ingleborough - Hill Inn - Whernside - Ribblehead - God's Bridge - Pen-y-Gent
A=13m: Helwith Br - Pen-y-gent - Plover Hill - Foxup Moor - Jackdaw Hill - Horton - Cragg Hill Fm
B=9m: Shortcut after Pen-y-Gent.)
4478 28 Apr 'The Emergency Triangle'
(was High Brown Knoll)
Baker A=12m: Ripponden - Old Lane - Coal Gate Rd - Delfs - 023230 - Mirey Ln - Higgin - sowerby - Triangle - Railway track.
B=7m: As A except Coal Gate - Hole Hd - Lumb Fold - Mill Bank - Triangle
(HBK: A=14m: Brookhouse - Lower Saltonstall - Calderdale Way to Moorside - High Brown Knoll - 017291 - Knoll Hill - Ogden Water. B=9m: As A to Wade Bridge - Lowe Fm, then as A.)
May 2001
4479 5 May Oldham Way? Shadkley AA=20m; A=14m, B=9m
4480 12 May Bradfield Circular
(was Bolton Abbey)
Redfearn A=14m: High Bradfield - Low Bradfield - Blindside Ln - Ughill - Dungworth - Load Brook - Upper Gate - Rowel Br - Myers Ln - Holdworth - Kirk Edge Convent.
B=9m: As A to Dungorth - Hill Top - Stoors Carr - Dungworth - Oaks Ln - Low B.
4481 19 May Manifold Valley ? Renwick AA=16m, A=11m, B=8m
4482 26 May Pendle ? Ellershawe A=15m, B=10m
June 2001
4483 2 Jun Todmorden (2)
(was Kettlewell)
Chadderton A=12m: Train to Mytholmroyd - Midgley Rd - Foster Clough Br - Hebden Bridge - Mytholm - Badger Ln - Blackshaw Hd - Gt Rock - 346266 - Cross Stone.
B=6m: Shepherds Rest Inn - Lumbutts - Mankinholes - Hospital - Middle Stoodley - Rochdale Canal Towpath - Todmorden - Unitary Church.
4484 9 Jun One River
(version of Three Rivers; Isle of Man Festival was cancelled)
Kennedy A=12m: Youlgrave - Alport - Stanton on Peak - Birchover Rd - Lees Rd - Statnton in Peak - Alport.
B: Shortened version of A.
4485 16 Jun ? A=16m, B=9m
4486 23 Jun Hayfield
(was Manifold Valley, orig Whalley Nab)
Renwick A=13m: Hayfield - Sett Valley Trail - Thornsett - Mellor Cross - Linnet Clough - Marple - Peak Forest Canal - River Goyt to New Mills - Sett Valley Train.
B=8m: As A but Thornsett - Broadhurst Edge - Castle Edge Rd - New Mills - The Torrs.
4487 30 Jun While Nancy ? Garside A=16m, B=9m
July 2001
4488 7 Jul Chester
(orig. Ladies Day)
Howarth A=13m: Christleton Park+ride - Shropshire Union Canal - Chester City centre - City Walls - Canal - Backford Br - City Centre - CP.
B: As A but omitting Backford Br.
4489 14 Jul Millers Dale
(was Ingleborough)
Hankey A=13m: MD Carpark - Litton Mill - Water-cum-Jolly - Monsal Trail - Monsal Hd - Ashford-in-the-Water - Gt Longstone - Little Longstone - Cressbrook - Litton Mill.
B=9m: As A but Mosal Hd direct to Cressbrook.
4490 18 Jul Evening Walk Price 7m: GMEX train to Heaton Pk - Blackley Forest - Bottemly Side - Lanys - Redbank - Deansgate - Lpool Rd.
4491 21 Jul Jumbles Res, Around Turton
(was Washburn)
Halstead A=12m: Jumbles Res - Turton Twr - Wayho Res - Entwistle Res - Stawberry Duck - Edgeworth.
B=9m: As A but not Entwistle Res.
4492 28 Jul Ladies Day President Tatton Park
August 2001
4493 4 Aug Saddleworth Moor
(was Ainsdale / Bootle)
Mallinson A=11m: Cross Keys - Pob Grn - Above Rimmon & Home Cloughs - East side of Yeoman Hey & Greenfield Res - Circuit of Binn Green - Yarns Hill.
B=8m: Cross Keys - Rye Top - Greenfield - Royal George - 985037 - Canal bank to Uppermill.
4494 11 Aug Bowland ? Ellershawe A=17m, B=9m
4495 18 Aug Dovedale Wilson A+=19m: Alsop-en-le-Dale - Parwich - Standlow - Mill Dale - Alstonfield - Alsop-en=le-Dale Station - then as A.
A=12m: Coldeaton Br - Alstonfield - Hopedale - Stanshope - Ilamtopps Fm - Bunster Hill - Dovedale - Stepping Stones - rear of Pevrill of the Peak - Washbrook Ln - Tissington.
B=8m: Shining Tor - Mill Dale - Ilam Rock - Air Cott - Bunster Hill - Dovedale - Lim Dale - Thorpe; return by shared transport.
4496 25 Aug Southport to Formby
(was Cutgate)
Higgins A=12m: Southport 326173 - Velvet Path - Ainsdale - Nature researve - Freshfield - Formby Pt - Formby Station, train back.
B=8m: As A but omitting Formby.
September 2001
4497 1 Sep Kinder from Hayfield O'Brien A=17m: Hayfield - Shooting Cabin - Kinder Res - Sandy Heys - Fairbrook Naze - 116901 - Ashop Clough - Snake Path - William Clough - Kinder Res.
B=9m: As A to Sandy Heys - Kinder Downfall - Kinder Low - Tunstead Clough Fm.
4498 8 Sep Dunham Massey & Lymm
(was Embsay)
Kay A=12m: Dunham Town - Little Bollington - Agden Br - Lymm Water Twr - Primrose Hill - Lymm Dam - Hetley - Oldfield Brow.
B=9m: As A without Water Twr, Primrose.
4499 15 Sep Ingleborough
(orig. Chipping)
Anthony A=15m?, B=9m?
4500 22 Sep Sandstone Trail
(Originally new walk south of A65)
The President (originally Yates / Whalley) AA=16m, A=14m, B=8m
(Note: Originally, the Colne & Holme was planned as walk 4500 on 22 September, but it was swapped with walk 4501 so that a celebratory walk could be undertaken as number 4500. Information from the leader of the Colne walk. Ed.)
4501 29 Sep Colne & Holme Gibson A=15m: Digley Res - Marsden Clough - Westenden Res - Deer Hill Res - Holme - Royd Edge Clough - Harden Hill
B=9m: Carpark - 10350695 - Goodbent Lodge - Issues Rd - Ings Br - Ramsden Res - Holme
October 2001
4502 6 Oct Loggerheads Marsland A=13m: Loggerheads CP - Leete Walk - 189653 - Pentre - Moel Arthur (almost) - Offa's Dyke Path - Moel Fammau - Bryn ALyn
B=9m: As A to Pentre - Moel Fammau - 172612 - Bryn Alyn.
4503 12-14 Oct Lakes Weekend Festival The President Saturday, Langdale: Old Dungeon Ghll Hotel - Mickleden - Rossett gill - Angle Tarn - Esk Pike - Bowfell - 3 Tarns - Crinkle Crags - Red Tarn - Oxendale. With variations.
4504 20 Oct Longnor Rogers A=10m: Longnor - Yewtree Grange - Stannery - Hollingsclough - Washgate Br - Stoop Farm - Chome Hill - cross B5053 N of Glutton Br - Earl Sterndale - Underhill Fm - High Wheeldon (422m) - Beggars Br.
B=8m: As A to Stannery - Dowall Hall - Dowel Dale - 082677 - Glutton Br, Earl Sterndale - Beggers Br.
4505 27 Oct Shutlingsloe Elkin A=13m: Wildboar - Brookside - Shutlingsloe - Clough Hse - 3 Shires Hd - Cut - Thorn Hill - Parks - Gradbach Mill - Hanging Stone - Danebridge.
B=8m: Clough Hs - Danebower Quarries - Reeve Edge - 3 Shires Hd - Crag Hall.
November 2001
4506 3 Nov Castleshaw O'Brien A=11m: Diggle Hotel - Lark Hill - Hullbrook - Castleshaw Roman Forts - Broadhead Noddle - Castleshaw Moor - Millstone Edge - Bleak Hey Nook - Hunters Hill - Harrop Grn
B=8m: Diggle Hotel - Huddersfield Canal - lark Hill - Hullbrook - Castleshaw Roman Forts - Bleak Hey Nook - as A.
- 9 Nov Dinner at Brighouse Redfearn
4507 10 Nov Hebden Pocklington A=10m: Hebden Br CP - Midge Hole - Hardcastle Crags - Hebden Water - Blake Dean - New Laithe Moor - Walshaw - Shackleton Knoll - Midge Hole.
B=7m: Hardcastle Crags CP - Hebden Water - Blake Dean - 956322 - Walshaw - Lumb Hall Waterfalls - Grimsworth Dean Woods.
4508 17 Nov Alport & Woodlands Howarth A=13m: Layby 170873 - 165875 - Res'r track - Underbank - Wooler Knoll - Hope Cross - Alport Br - Alport Fm Little Moor - Alport Castle - Rowlee Pasture - 157895 Open Hagg - Crook Hill
B=9m: CP - Yorkshire Br - Woodland Traverse - Win Hill - THornhill Brink - Wooler Knoll 160877 - Haglee Ford - Res'r Footpath - Yorkshore Br.
4509 24 Nov Alderman Waite A=12m: Cross Keys - Pob Green - Pots & Pans Memorial - Alderman Hill - Dovestone Res - Indian Hd - 016024 - Chew Res - Gt Dovestone Rocks - 022044 - Yarns Hill.
B=8m: Cross Keys - Pop Green - Long Lane - Dovestone Res - Yeoman Hey Res - Bunkers - Goldfield Ln.
December 2001
4510 1 Dec Hayfield Briggs A=10m: Hayfield - Snake Path - Williams Clough - Mill hill - Hollingworth Hd - Mattey Moor Fm - Blackshaw Fm - Lantern Pike - Sett Valley Trail (orig. via Downfall, Mt Famine).
B=8m: Snake Path - Shooting Cabin - Little Hayfield - Blackshaw Fm, then as A.
8 Dec AGM

Severity of outbreaks of Foot and Mouth Disease in 2001; From Wikipedia

Severity of outbreaks of Foot and Mouth Disease in 2001; From Wikipedia

Full list of MPC walks is available on separate page.


Thanks to members of the Manchester Pedestrian Club who have supplied information about this extraordinary year: Mick McHugh, Nigel Haworth, David Chadderton (who lent me a year's worth of annotated walks leaflets).

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