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MPC Walks 2022

The following MPC walks were undertaken in 2022.

Given are the walk number and date, the name of the walk, its leader, and the length of the walk(s), followed by when and where the walk started, and some details of the walk.

Walk Date Name Leader Length, Grade
Start Route Details
January 2022
8 Jan (none)
15 Jan (none)
22 Jan (none)
29 Jan AGM for 2020, 2021
Delayed by Covid-19 pandemic.
February 2022
5 Feb Dunham (a) David Pocklington, (b) John Procter (a) 6 m, (b) 4-5 m
Dunham Park (Lower car park) Past sawmill, over Bollin,,past Swan with two nicks, joining Cheshire Ring Canal walk, Agden Bridge, old salt works, Oughtrington, field path to Mill Lane, either turning right at Old Heatley station or minor road, Leading to West Gate farm the joining Trans Pennine way, turn off at Finger post for Dunham Woodhouse. Stop at the Vine read list of prohibitions, if clear enter, after finger post indicates route by junction, field paths back to start.
12 Feb Diggle (a) Geoff orsler, (b) John Procter (a) 7.5 m (b) shorter
11.00 am Sam road car park Diggle, OL2 5PU, Opposite Audio Council Hi Fi (a) around the base of Pots and Pans then down to Dovestones, back through Greenfield and along the canal back to Diggle
(b) Along Canal into Uppermill, Cafe and retrace our steps
19 Feb Hayfield (a) Geoff Orsler, (b) John Procter (a) 8 m (b) shorter
Postponed by Storm Franklin
26 Feb Hayfield (a) Geoff Orsler, (b) John Procter (a) 8 m (b) shorter
11:00, Royal Hotel (a) Along River Sett to Bowen bridge, Farlands, Broad clough, Edale cross, South Head. Hayfield
(b) Sett Valley trail with loop, cafe as required
March 2022
5 Mar Tintwistle John Grieve 8 m
Arnfield Reservoir car-park (SK13 1HP) at 11 am. Probably: Past the Walkerwood and Swineshaw reservoirs approached from Arnfield Lane and Arnfield Low Moor (depends on weather and leader).
12 Mar Whaley Bridge (a) David Pocklington
(b) John Procter
6 m, 4 m
11:30 am, Taxal lay-by off the A5004 (a) Over the road, Shallcross Lane, Medieval Cross, Old Lane, Elnore Farm, Railway Underpass; Combs Reservoir Bee Hive Inn, possible stop, back, left just before Doreen's Bungalow and up the fields; pass former Vauxhall van; resting spot (sadly no longer *in situ*) at next crossing, left turn walking over the hill and back to Old Lane (quiet B Road),right turn and back to our start.
(b) Circuit of Fernilee reservoir
19 Mar Chinley (a) John Grieve
(b) John Procter
(a) 7 m (b) 4-5 m
10.30 am, Old Hall Inn, SK23 6EJ (a) Towards Chapel Milton, outskirts of Chapel en le Frith. Optional to increase the total distance for those who are in training for major expeditions.
(b) route to be decided on the day. Essential to book.
26 Mar Disley and Lyme Park (a) Amanda Timpany
(b) John Procter
(a) 7 m (b) 4-5 m
11 am, Disley Railway Station car park, SK12 2AE (a) Up the steps to Gritstone Trail, across meadows, a climb up to a farm, then Dissop Head Farm along the side of Higher Moor, Bowstonegate and the Saxon crosses, Park Moor, Knightslow Wood, Lyme Park car park, Lyme Park Hall, the Cage hunting lodge, Red Lane Lodge and road and path back to Disley Railway Station. (Moderate, with one long steady climb and several short climbs (935 feet). Muddy.)
(b) As (a) until Lake Cafe.
April 2022
2 Apr Hayfield John Grieve, John Procter 8 m
11 am, Royal Hotel Highgate Road, Phoside Farm, Peep O'Day, Big Stone, cross to the Bridleway fingerpost, take the fingerpost to Shedyard Farm, Moor Lodge, TV mast, Ridge Top Farm, Hayfield.
Fest 8-10 Apr Festival Weekend: Llanarmon Milton Francis See report
Report by ST

I wanted to let all our members know that the festival weekend at Llanarmon passed happily and successfully, with some challenging walking in a beautiful part of Wales, comfortable accommodation at The Hand Hotel and, not least, inspired by our 'spiritual leader' Milton (or more accurately our *sociable* leader), with the excellent company of the seven members who took part. The literal high point was an ascent of Cadair Berwyn on Saturday, an expedition only slightly marred by the wind and hail that drove into us as we climbed the summit ridge and then retreated along it after a huddled lunch in the summit stone shelter. Shortly afterwards the weather cleared and left us with a fine afternoon for our walk down the valley.

(Meanwhile, well away from the mountain tops, Milton and John Procter did a tour of Chirk Castle, outside and in, round and round the curtain walls, then surrendering their money to the resident men-at-arms to hear the inside story of the castle down the ages. JP took several photographs of men dressed up in chain mail.)

At the dinner table after the exertions of the day Milton, assisted by Bryan Coxson warming to the theme, entertained the rest of us with tales of bygone festivals and fabled members from the century now behind us. One could not avoid the sense that, in their reminiscences of famous occasions and outrageous incidents, that was a 'land of lost content' they were describing, which the MPC is unlikely to visit again. But that future remains to be seen, or rather it remains to be frustrated and denied. One way in which this might happen is for another festival to be imagined and then to materialise with, it is hoped, even some increase on seven in the number of participating members. Let us try if possible to make it so.

9 Apr Combs: Alternative to Festival John Grieve 7m
11 am, Shady Oak pub (SK23 7HD), A5004 outside Whaley Bridge, Track up to Elnore farm, turning right towards the PNFS signpost, then the high path above Combs reservoir, dropping into Combs for a stop at the Beehive pub. The return leg will be via Combs reservoir.
16 Apr Hope Valley (a) John Grieve
()b John Procter
(a) 9 m, (b) 5 m
11 am, Travellers Rest, Brough (S33 9HG) (a) Up Bradwell Edge, nature reserve; Shatton Mast, Abney village, Offerton Moor, down track to river; back to Shatton and Brough.
(b1) river stepping stones, Offerton Hall, road back to Travellers Rest
(b2) As (a) up Bradwell Edge, then at the top road back to Brough.
23 Apr Styal Amanda Timpany 7 m
11 am, Ship Inn, Altrincham Road, Styal SK9 4JE Styal and the Bollin Valley
30 Apr Standedge (a) Steve Tetlow
(b) John Procter
(a) 6+ m, (b) 4 m
11am. Brun Clough Reservoir car-park on the A62 above Diggle (OL3 5LS, grid reference SE 0180 0938) (a) Follow the Standedge Trail alongside Pule Hill to the Tunnel End; ascend Willykay Clough; Pennine Way; along Millstone Edge; A62 and the starting point; about 6 miles but extendible.
(b) Shorter, e.g. Standedge Trail round Pule Hill.
May 2022
7 May Bamford Geoff Orsler
Dennis Knoll car-park SK225846
14 May Frodsham (a) Andrew Basden (b) John Procter (a) 8 m
11 am. Frodsham Station south Car park, after arrival of 09:52 train from Manchester Piccadilly (a) One of the most pleasant Frodsham walks over the years - woodlands, birdsong, glorious dappled sun, wide views in four directions, and emerging from woodland directly to pub without long trek home. Blue Hatch, Townfield Lane, Hob Hey Wood, Lock Keeper's Orchard, River Weaver, Bradley, Kingsley Road, Frodsham Caves, Shepherds Houses, Fort, Jacob's Ladder, Frodsham Head, Bellemonte Hotel for refreshments, Station. (Two members left for short version.)
(b) As A, but Ellis Lane instead of Hob Hey Wood, and from Bradley, took Red Lane to station.
21 May Macclesfield Forest (a) Steve Tetlow (b) John Procter
11 am. Tegg's Nose Visitor Centre, SK11 0AP (a) through the forest to the Forest Chapel, Greenways Farm, cross Buxton New Road (A537); Lamaload Reservoir; traverse above the Dean valley south west; Gritstone Trail; back to the car-park. ('Cheshire Outstanding Circular Walks' number 27).
(b) Shorter version of above.
28 May Holme Valley Steve Tetlow
11:00 am. Car-park at the southern end of Digley Reservoir Kirklees Way, Holme, Brownhill Reservoir, Hade Edge, Scholes, Holmfirth northern side of Holme Valley.
June 2022
4 Jun Queen's Platinum Jubilee
Dunham Pk & Bridgewater Canal
Amanda Timpany 6.5 m
11 am Cinderland Crossing Car Park The route is along the Transpennine Trail to Dunham Woodhouses, Dunham Massey Deer Park, Dunham Village and along the Bridgewater Canal back to the start. Distance 6.5 miles moderate walking on lanes, field paths, old railway and canal towpath. Refreshments after the walk will be a Jubilee tea with sandwiches, cakes, tea, coffee and beer provided by John Grieve
11 Jun Kinder Scout Andrew Basden 8-9 m
11.00 am. Royal Hotel, Hayfield. Along Kinder River; Tunstead House; below Kinderlow End; sloping path; Kinder Downfall; Sandy Hayes; Kinder Reservoir; Path or road to Hayfield. Three miles up onto the Kinder ridge, two miles along it, and three miles down.
18 Jun Disley John Grieve (a) 7.5 m; (b)
11 am, Disley Railway Station Car Park, SK21 2AE (a) Along canal, Mellor and Towncliffe Golf course, Linnet Clough Scout camp, Brook Bottom (pub stop), down to canal, Disley.
(b) ??
Monday 20 Jun Bowden John Procter 3 m
1 pm. Griffin Inn, Bowden (WA14 2PT) Down Green Walk and into Denzell Gardens, returning to the pub
25 Jun Denshaw Steve Tetlow 7-7 m
11 am. Park on roadside just north of the Rams Head on the A672 just north of Denshaw (OL3 5UN) The walk will explore the footpaths towards the M62 in the direction of Hollingworth Lake, but without quite reaching it, passing Rooden, Piethorn and Ogden reservoirs, crossing under the M62 at the Castle Hill viaduct, returning clockwise to start.
July 2022
2 Jul Millers Dale Steve Tetlow 8 m
10:30 am. Car park at Millers Dale station Monsal trail - Litton Mill - Cressbrook Mill - up Cressbrook Dale - Tansley Dale - Litton - Tideswell - across fields - Slancote Lane - Monks Dale - Start.
Monday 4 Jul Bowden 2 John Procter 3 m
1 pm. Griffin Inn, Bowden (WA14 2PT) Down Green Walk and into Denzell Gardens, returning to the pub
9 Jul Castleshaw, Saddleworth (a) John Grieve
(b) John Procter
(a) 7 m, (b) 4 m
11 am. (a) Brun Clough reservoir car-park next to the Standedge Cutting on the A62 (OL3 5LS), (b) Standedge Tunnel End car-park on Sam Road (a) Millstone Edge, Broadhead Noddle, Castleshaw, Bleak Hey Nook, Old Standedge Road, Brun Clough.
(b) from Diggle via Uppermill and back following the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.
16 Jul Marbury Country Park, Amanda Timpany 7 m
11 am. Marbury Country Park Towards Anderton, along the Trent and Mersey Canal, past the Anderton Boat Lift, to Great Budworth through the woods, past Marbury Hall Nurseries and back to Marbury Country Park.
23 Jul Chrome Hill, Earl Sterndale

New to MPC repertoire
'A Grand Day Out'.

Steve Tetlow 8 m
11 am, Lay-by on A53, three miles out of Buxton, directly opposite road sign-posted to Brandside. Fairthorn House; Thirkelow Rocks; Booth Farm; Tor Rock; Chrome Hill; (Parkhouse Hill and/or Earl Sterndale - optional additions, but note that the Quiet Woman has now gone dark); Hollinsclough; Hollinsclough Rake; Brand End; back to the start.
30 Jul Millers Dale Eric Rogers, Alan Redfern 8 m
11.00 am. Millers Dale station car-park "a sort of vignette of their past achievements in exploring this area, the more so because Eric mentions that the destination will be the charming village of Little Longstone where, as is well known, a delightful old-fashioned public house waits to welcome visitors. From here the walk returns, some time later, to the car-park at Millers Dale station"
August 2022
6 Aug Old Glossop (a) Steve Tetlow
(b) John Procter
7 m
11.00 am. Wheatsheaf pub car park, Old Glossop (SK043949, SK13 7RS) (a) Up towards Bleaklow via a clough which begs leave to be left unnamed in sensitive company, passing the rocks of Yellowslacks, a name possibly suggested by its proximity to the former feature, upwards via Dowstone Clough, reaching the trig point at Higher Shelf Stones at 621 metres before descending towards the Doctor's Gate path and Shelf Brook and then back.
(b) Train Glossop to Hadfield; return along a stretch of the Longdendale Trail.
13 Aug Dunham David Pocklington 7 m
11.30 am. Dunham Park, lower car park Through the Cheshire countryside, incorporating tow path, fields and a small part of the old railway, with a slightly bizarre watering hole
20 Aug Marbury Pk, Carey Pk, Anderton Harry Kennedy 6 m
11 am. 3 Ash House Lane, Little Leigh CW8 4RG, park in adjacent Baptist Church car park. Cars to layby by Building Blocks Nursery in Hough Lane, Barnton - over field paths to Marbury Park - Hopyards Wood - Neumans Flash - Carey Park - Anderton - nursery.

"on behalf of the club and especially those members who attended the walk, I would like to thank Harry and Sophia for their kind invitation, a most enjoyable walk through the beautiful Cheshire countryside - planned and led by their neighbour Sue, and the welcome we received at their house afterwards with some excellent refreshment prepared for us by Sophia. Even the strong wind we started with gave way later to bright warm sunshine. Thank you once again, it was all lovely."

27 Aug Saddleworth Geoff Orsler 7 m
11:00 am. Wool Road canal wharf car park. This Saturday we are returning to familiar territory in Saddleworth for an 'easy' seven mile walk along some well-known paths and byways. The walk will take us through three of the villages which start with the letter D, omitting the outlying Denshaw. From the parking place and starting point at Wool Road car park, Dobcross (nearest postcode the Navigation Inn at OL3 5NS) we will find our way to Delph, past the White Lion and then by one route or another to the Castleshaw reservoirs and Bleak Hey Nook, from where we cross the fields to Diggle and, most likely, the canal towpath back to Wool Road.
September 2022
3 Sep Dunham John Procter & David Pocklington 7 m
11 am. On the road near the Swan with Two Nicks, nr. Dunham Pk. Along the towpath of the Bridgewater Canal from Dunham - Oughtrington - field path to Heatley which we skirt - over the Bollin - Trans-Pennine trail - across large fields to the road to Dunham Woodhouses (refreshment) - back to the park over the Bollin once more.
10 Sep
17 Sep Gawsworth Amanda Timpany 6.5 m
11 am. Road outside the Harrington Arms Church Lane Gawsworth Can be muddy after rain. Gawsworth Church, Gawsworth Hall, Pigeon House, along Cowbrook Lane, Macclesfield Canal, parkland adjoining North Rode Manor, across fields, between lakes, back to the Harrington Arms.
24 Sep Tintwistle-Longdendale Steve Tetlow 6-7 m
11 am. Arnfield Reservoir fly fisheries cafe, postcode SK13 1HP Arnfield reservoir - Arnfield Moor - Shooting Cabin - Tintwistle Knarr - Lad's Leap - Crowden - Longdendale Trail - Tintwistle. The route may be varied on the day.
October 2022
1 Oct Hathersage, Eyam Moor John Grieve 8 m
11.00 am. Plough Inn, Leadmill Bridge Hathersage, S32 1BA. Park in the pub car park, as arranged by John with the pub. Up to Oaks Farm - Stoke Ford - over Eyam Moor - Sir William Hill Road - Barrels pub - Cockeye Farm - Abney - Offerton Moor - Offerton Hall - back along the river to the Plough Inn.
8 Oct Green Withens Geoff Orsler 8 or 6 m
"We are reviving an old favourite for this new, reduced age, with some shortening of the route that members may remember from past years"

11:00 am. Public car park just below White House Pub, Littleborough (OL15 0LG)

Pub - Blackstone Edge - Green Withens reservoir - crossing the moor in a northwesterly direction - crossing Old Packhorse road - back to the starting point, instead of following the path eastwards towards Rishworth and 'The Long Causeway' road.
15 Oct Cown Edge (a) Geoff Orsler, (b) John Procter 8.5 m, ??
11:00 am. Royal Hotel car-park, Hayfield. Snake path, shooting cabin, west across the moor to Glossop Road; across Matley Moor from Blackshaw Farm; short ascent to Cown Edge; Rowarth (possible pub stop), return to Hayfield.
22 Oct Disley (a) Amanda Timpany (b) John Procter 7-8 m, 4 m
11:00 am. Disley Railway Station car park, SK12 2AE Up steps to Gritstone Trail, across meadows, up to a farm, to Dissop Head Farm, side of Higher Moor, Bowstonegate + Saxon crosses, Park Moor, Knightslow Wood, Lyme Park car park, Lyme Park Hall, Cage hunting lodge, Red Lane Lodge, back to Disley Railway Station.
29 Oct Chinley John Grieve, John Procter 5-9 m, 4 m
Car park next to the Old Hall Inn. To be decided on the day. Towards Chapel Milton viaduct, eastwards along the old railway path, towards Shireoaks farm, towards South Head, Malcoff Farm and Wash.
November 2022
5 Nov No walk (Unavailable)
12 Nov Alport Castles Steve Tetlow 8 m
11 am. Lay-by -by at SK170873 on the A57 Snake Pass road. The first half of the route will follow the traditional course, including Crook Hill, Rowlee Pasture, Alport Castles and the descent to Alport Castles Farm and Alport Bridge. Instead of ascending to Hope Cross, the second part of the route will follow the paths along the valley floor via Haggwater Bridge and Hagglee Ford back to the starting point.
19 Nov Diggle & Dunham (a) Geoff Orsler
(b) Noel Stephenson
8 m, 5-6 m
(a) 10:30 am. Sam Road car park in Diggle, OL3 5JZ.
(b) 11:00 am. Dunham Massey car park.
(a) "a low level tour of the valleys"
(b) "a stop at The Vine public house may possibly be made during the walk"
26 Nov Marsden - Slaithwaite Geoff Orsler 7 m
11 am. National Trust car park at Marsden station (grid reference SE047117, postcode HD7 6AX Along the ridge to the south and east of Marsden towards Deer Hill reservoir, descend towards Slaithwaite and either return via an intricate system of field paths or descend to the village and come back along the Huddersfield Narrow Canal towpath. A fairly benign walk for probably malign conditions and there is really only one climb up to the ridge, which comes near the start of the walk. We hope you will be able to join us.
December 2022
3 Dec
10 Dec Christmas Walk,
Meal, Mini AGM
John Grieve

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