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MPC Walks 2021

The following MPC walks are planned for 2021. New walks this year include: Marsden (22nd Feb), Lad's Leap (on Leap-year day), Three Shires (4th April), and we are trying the Frodsham Circular in May (rather than early spring so as to catch Cheshire in flower.

The walks calendar might occasionally be changed. Members receive full details of the walks, so this list may be used as an at-a-glance reminder. Non-members ('guests') are welcome see below for how to join a walk.

Given are the walk number and date, the name of the walk, its location in relation to Manchester, the grade of the A walk and the starting time and location. The C walk is shorter (usually 5-6 miles), and less strenuous.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Where starting times and places are given, these are provisional, and may be subject to change. In order to be informed of any changes, please contact Hon. Secretary. In most walks, lunch is usually carried.

Walk Date Name Location Grade of 'A' walk Start time, location
For the first three months, all walks were cancelled because of Covid-19 lockdown.

Walks in April 2021 were organised on an ad-hoc basis.

Please see Walks in 2021 for a report on walks so far.

As soon as walks have been planned, they will appear here.

18th September Saddleworth John Grieve 7 miles over moor Brun Clough Resv Car Park, 10.30 am,
25th September Hayfield (a) John Grieve, (b) John Procter 7, 4 miles Royal Hotel, Hayfield.
(a) 11:30 am, Chapel Lane, Meadows Fm, Ridge Top, TV mast, gate, fingerpost, big stones, Hills Fm, Peep of the Day Fm, Pennine Bridleway.
(b) 12 noon, via a Cafe stop
2 October 2021 Roaches Ron Cooper ?8 miles Postponed by bad weather :-(
9 October 2021 Whaley Bridge (a) John Grieve, (b) John Procter 7, 4? miles Up the road to a Peak and Northern Footpaths Society signpost and a track leading to above the reservoir, then dropping down to the Beehive Inn at Coombs, back via Coombs reservoir.
(a) John Grieve, (b) John Procter miles
23 October 2021 Roaches (a) Ron Cooper,
(b) John Procter
(a) 8 miles
(b) 6 miles
From Gradback Car Park 10:00 am: (a) Route: Gradbach CP, Footbridge (991658), Lud's Church, Bearstone Rock (lunch?), SH505 (001639), Hanging Stone, Park House, Snipe, Danebridge (Brewery optional), Back Dane, Gradbach CP.
(b) to Danebridge an back.

Full list of MPC walks is available on separate page.

To join a Walk ...

To join a walk:

It is a condition of joining a walk that participants understand and agree to abide by the rules for walks contained on the page, Walking with the MPC.

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