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MPC Walks 2023

The following MPC walks are planned for 2023. If the plans change MPC members will be informed and every effort will be taken to amend this list, but no guarantee is given that this list is accurate.

Given are the walk number and date, the name of the walk, its leader, and length. This is followed by starting time and location, and route details. See at end for details of the Dunham Walk, which happens every week.

Walk Date Name Leader Length
January 2023
7 Jan Dunham & Little Bollington (a) David Pocklington
(b) Peter Kay
(c) Jonathan Kay
7 m, 5 m, 2 m
(a) 12:00 noon, The Wheatsheaf, on A56
(b) 13:00, Ditto
(c) 13;30, Layby near Ye OLde No 3 on A56
Walks are designed to finish at 2.30 pm with tables booked to eat at 3.00.

(a) Little Bollington - Dunham Park - Dunham Town - Old railway - Dunham Woodhouses - Dunham Massey - Agden Bridge - Wheatsheaf.
(b) Canal - Agden Bridge - Lymm - Oughtrighton.
(c) Car park - Agden Bridge - Canal bank - Dunham Town - Dunham Hall - Little Bollington Mill - Car park.

14 Jan Chinley John Grieve m
Old Hall Inn car-park
21 Jan Green Withens Steve Tetlow 7 m
11.0 am Booth Wood reservoir car-park Over the moor along Blackwood Edge (nb. not Blackstone Edge) towards Green Withens reservoir and then returning via Green Withens Clough, crossing the A672 at Oxygrains Bridge (a fine old packhorse bridge), back to the starting point.
28 Jan Cown Edge Geoff Orsler 8.5 m
11.0 am, Royal Hotel, Hayfield Hayfield - Snake path - shooting cabin - across the moor to Blackshaw Farm - across Matley Moor - short climb to Cown Edge - traverse the moor to Rowarth (Old Mill public house) - track and road back to Hayfield.
February 2023
4 Feb (a) Castleshaw/Millstone Edge
(b) Dunham Massey
(a) Geoff Orsler
(b) David Pocklington
(a) 8 m
(b) 5 m
(a) 11:00 am, Wool Road car-park
(b) 11:00 am, Lower Car-park Dunham Massey
(a) Traversing Millstone Edge above Saddleworth if the weather is favourable
(b) TBA
11 Feb (a) Hayfield/Peep O'Day; (PNFS Signposts walk?)
(b) Dunham
(a) John Grieve
(b) John Procter
8 m, 6 m
(a) 11:00, Royal Hotel, Hayfield
(b) 11:oo am, Dunham
(a) Peep O'Day, Big Stone, Pennine (Bridle)way, the TV mast, Moorside Road and the Sett Valley Trail, back to Royal Hotel for refreshmants.
(b) TBA.
18 Feb Styal & Bollin Valley Amanda Timpany (a) 8 m
(b) 4 m
(a) 11:00 am. Ship Inn, Altrincham Road Styal SK9 4JE
(b) ?11:am. Dunham
(a) Through Styal Woods and Bollin Valley to the Carrs and Styal Wood to Styal Mill. "Moderate with long flight of steps".
(b) Dunham Park.
Wed 22 Feb Memorial for Peter Mallinson
Cross Keys A gathering of nine MPC members met at the Cross Keys Uppermill, Peters local for many years to remember Peter in better times. Rev John Sykes recited a short prayer , followed by a customery silence. Geoff Orsler produced a selection of Photes taken on walks over the last fifteen years or so. Everything was in MPC taste that Peter would have approved of. John procter.
25 Feb Teggs Nose/Macc. Forest (a) Steve Tetlow
(b) David Pocklington
(a) 7-8 m
(a) 11:00 am. Teggs Nose café car-park SK11 0AP
(b) 11:00 am, Dunham Massey.
(a) The walk this Saturday starts from the Teggs Nose Country Park car-park near Macclesfield and takes a circular anti-clockwise course through the northern part of Macclesfield Forest, via the Forest Chapel, towards Lamaload Reservoir and then westward via lanes and field paths towards Walker Barn and the leg of the Gritstone Trail leading back to the starting point. Please join us for this seven mile walk if you can.
(b) TBA
March 2023
4 Mar Saddleworth-Marsden (a) John Grieve
7 m, 4 m
(a) 11 am. Diggle, Sam Road car-park
(b) 11 am, Dunham
(a) Up Boat lane to Brun Clough Reservoir, from here towards the former Great Western Hotel and follow the track up to the ventilation shafts. From here we follow the track to Marsden. Return by train from Marsden to Greenfield and then back along the canal to Sam Road. Refreshments will either be at the Railway at Marsden or the Diggle Hotel. The train times from Marsden are 39 minutes past the hour. We hope you can join us on the walk.
(b) TBA.
11 Mar (No walk)
18 Mar Hayfield Geoff Orsler 7 m
11:00 am. Royal Hotel car-park From Hayfield south west towards South Head and then by well-known tracks and lanes back to Hayfield
25 Mar Lad's Leap Andrew Basden 8 m
11:30 am. Actual start: Car park at cafe by Arnside Reservoir.

(Original: To start at roadside Car Park on A628 at SF 037 979. Then road then up zig-zag track, through wood, onto top. To Lad's Leap. Down to Pennine Way near Crowden, along P Way. Along Rhodsewood Reservoir, back to car park.)

From the cafe (cups of tea) we set off to Arnfield, then up the old track by Arnfield Brook. (Why had it been paved with hardcore up to the steep incline but no further?) On the plateau above is a small reservoir pond from which emerges a line of old pipe on concrete stilts, made of cement and possibly asbestos,, to carry water down towards Tintwistle. Rubber sealing rings are still in good condition despite the exposure!

The track zig-zagged up the next ascent, and the pipeline continued to another pond. The going was tough, tiring, rough, boggy and stoney, until the fence and stile. Up another incline, along the edge and ee arrived at Lad's Leap.

Having enjoyed delicious pies bought in Hadfield, we did not lunch at Lad's Leap, but jumped over the stream and continued round the edge and down to meet the Pennine Way, then down to the Longdendale reservoirs, and back to Tintwistle and Arnside - tired and glad to sit down in the cafe with tea--n-toast.

The weather forecast had promised continuous raid for four hours - but instead there were a couple of showers and even some sun appearing, though with strong cold wind. We don't complain at that. Surprised by the complete absence of bird life up on the moor. Not a single Curlew, Golden Plover or even Meadow Pipit. Not even a Crow. Maybe they found it just too cold and windy to bother moving!

A fell runner we met gave useful advice about nasty descents like the one we came down: "If you think about falling, you will fall. Just go for it, and you won't fall."

April 2023
1 Apr Ramsbottom Circular Steve Tetlow 7 m
11:00 am. Starting point/parking place: Peel Tower Car park at SD782162 (Google Maps shows this as the Lumb Carr Road Car Park on the B6214 Helmshore Road. This is a more accurate description because the car-park is on the main B road beneath the Peel Tower, not at it). The walk on Saturday is a 7 mile circular walk around Ramsbottom, taking in a stretch of the Irwell valley between Ramsbottom and the village of Edenfield, then back to the starting point along the edge of Holcombe Moor, which is the long stretch of hillside above Ramsbottom on its western side. This is a mostly flat (or downhill) valley walk apart from one gradual climb of 290 metres from the valley up to the moor on the return leg.
8 Apr Disley and Lyme Park Amanda Timpany 7 m
11:00 am. Disley Railway Station Carpark, Disley, SK12 2AE Route - From Disley Railway Station Carpark steps lead up to a road leading to Red Lane Lodge in Lyme Park, the Cage hunting lodge, Lyme Park Hall, Lyme Park carpark, Knightslow Wood, Park Moor, Bowstonegate and the Saxon crosses, Dissop Head Farm along the side of Higher Moor, across meadows and back along the Gritstone Trail to Disley Railway Station.
Grade - Moderate, tracks, lanes and fields with one long steady climb and several short climbs. May be muddy in parts so wear gaiters. Height gain - 935 feet
15 Apr No Walk m
22 Apr Hope and Abney Moor John Grieve 8-9 m
11:00 am. The Travellers Rest Pub at Brough, 0.25 miles past Hope Station towards Hathersage We walk on the flat to Bradwell, then we take a steep climb up Bradwell Edge and then across the nature reserve. From here we take the road to Shatton Mast and turn off to Abney Village. Through the village we pick up a finger post and track, which will take us up onto Offerton Moor. We follow this track to Offerton Hall and follow the track down to the river, which we follow back to Shatton and Brough.
29 Apr Disley North John Grieve 7.5 m
11.30 am. Disley Railway Station Car Park, postcode SK21 2AE After a short walk along the canal, we walk up to Mellor and Towncliffe Golf course, which we cross and head on to Linnet Clough Scout camp. From here we walk to Brook Bottom where there is a lovely pub to stop at before heading down to the canal and back to Disley.
May 2023
6 May Coronation of King Charles III
13 May Postponed (Frodsham) Andrew Basden 8 m
11.0 am, Frodsham station south car park. Townfield Lane, River Weaver, Orchard, Bradley, Frodsham Caves, Shepherds Houses, Frodsham Edge, Rewilding Golf Course, War Memorial, Station.
20 May Dunham David Pocklington 4 m
27 May (a) Marsden Moor
(b) Dunham
(a) John Grieve
(b) David Pocklington
7-8 m; 4 m
(a) 11.0 am, car park at Sam Road End in Diggle (a) Up to Brun Clough, then Redbrook reservoir, before a descent into the Wessenden valley via the Pennine Way footpaths. From there we make our way back to Marsden, where it is proposed that, after refreshment at a local hostelry, we catch a bus back over into Saddleworth, returning to the starting point along the canal towpath from Uppermill.
June 2023
3 Jun Abney and Offerton Moor John Grieve 9 m
11.00 am. from the Plough Inn at Leadmill,S32 1BA From the Plough we take the road signposted Abney Gliding club to Hog Hall, joining the path to Stoke Ford at Tor farm. From Stoke Ford we take the path up to William Hill Road and the Barrels Pub where we will stop for a refreshment. From here we take a track to Cockeye Farm and from there to Abney. A little road walking through Abney then we take a finger post to Offerton Moor and Offerton Hall. From here we proceed to the river and back to the Plough.
--* Three Walks to Celebrate the 120th Anniversary of the MPC *--
10 Jun Plaque Siting John Grieve
12.00 Noon. Royal Hotel Car Park. This walk is designed for members to choose a suitable Peak and Northern Footpaths Society signpost for a memorial plaque for MPC members. The signposts are sited at the start of the Snake path on the Kinder road, Sett valley trail and Peep O' Day.

For members who don't want to walk too far, I will drive them up to the sign post on the Kinder road and to Peep O' Day. The only walking required will be the flat walk on the Sett Valley Trail to the signpost and back to the Royal Hotel. If it is open we will have a discussion and a vote on which signpost to place the plaque.

I have made arrangements with the Chip Shop in Hayfield for us to have Fish and Chips in their dining room at 4.00 to 4.30 pm.

17 Jun Timperley to Castlefield Canal walk John Grieve 7.5 m
11:00. Start from 17 Bradley Close Timperley WA15 6SH We will walk the Bridgewater canal to Castlefield.
24 Jun Hayfield to Castleton
First ever MPC walk
Andrew Basden 21 miles
This will take the course of the first organised walk of the Club, held on 11th Jule 1903, as far as we can tell.
(a) 08:30 am, Royal Hotel, Hayfield. It may be that some will stay overnight. (Return to Hayfield after walk: TBA)
(With timings) 08:25 Hayfield - Williams Clough 09:43 - Snake Path - 10:34 cross onto opposite path - 11:29 bridge over to road - 2 miles along road or path - 12:06 ford - Higher Ashop 12:18 lunch 12:45 - 13:00 Concessionary path 13:16 - south edge of Ladybower Reservoir - 14:29 rest at Dam 14:50 - 15:34 Bamford - 16:11 Brough - Castleton 17:11.
Report by AB

This, the longest walk organised by the MPC for many years, was a repeat of the MPC's first ever walk, organised 120 years before, from Hayfield to Castleton via the Snake Path, Ladybower and Bamford. It was attempted by two members, Steve Tetlow and Andrew Basden. The original had been a heel-and-toe race walk; this was not supposed to be - but the speed at which Steve likes to walk sometimes made it feel like one!

Starting off fresh from the car park next to the Cricket Ground in Hayfield just before 08:30 the pair took the road to the Kinder Reservoir, skirting it, then up Williams Clough. Williams Clough was not as bad as its reputation warns. An hour and a quarter for 3 miles. Over the Col, down onto the Snake Path across Black Ashop Moor, which proved to be a much longer stretch than expected. Crossed the River Ashop at the ruined stone hut and up onto a good path that hugs the contours and then descends gradually, along opposite the wood, down to the bridge near where the Fair Brook meets the river.

At this point they split, Andrew crossing the bridge up onto the road and Steve continuing along an unmarked but trodden path, to meet again at Upper Ashop Farm, opposite where the River Alport joins the Ashop. The reason was because, when they recc'ied that path a month before it had exhausted Andrew, whereas the road had not. He recommends counting steps as a way to overcome the monotony of road walking. The traffic on that busy road was lighter than he had expected. This time Steve found the path exhausting, because, in the month, the Bracken had grown to head height and had to pushed through.

On meeting, they had a short lunch - then it was on again. That they were not yet half way was a bit dispiriting, but the fact that they had done all the rough walking and from here on it would be easy paths and tracks lifted the spirits a little.

They took the Concessionary Path alongside and sometimes atop a watercourse, until meeting a path that had come over a bridge from the road and began the long march down along by Ladybower Reservoir. Now they were half way, with only 10-11 miles still to go, it felt good. When they reached the track from the second bridge, it was even easier walking, so they discussed a couple of poems that each of them had brought along, in an old school poetry book and on a phone. One poem, Kipling's "Boots - boots - boots ..." fitted the occasion rhythmically and onomatopoeically, one poem was by a well-known outdoors man and homosexual; and one was immensely atmospheric. Poetry reading and discussion is a good way to pass the time along reasonably monotonous tracks.

This track along the Ladybower Reservoir must differ from the original route, which took place before the reservoir was built. People aglore! Cyclists, walkers and tourists along by the Ladybower Reservoir. The Snake and Ashop paths had also been quite populated, with a sizeable camp of tents by the Ashop woods. Ears and eyes had to be kept sharp for cyclists (most of whom rang bells, thankfully). Humidity was very high, the air was warm with occasional wafts that felt like a sauna, flies were numerous, including Cleggs (Horse flies).

At the end of the Reservoir, by the Plughole, Andrew partook of his customary 20 minute afternoon sleep, to ensure he was in good fettle for the remaining 7 miles - which is the total length of many MPC walks these days!

Taking the road then the old railway track down past Bamford to Shatton, they encountered a group of youngsters with wonky packs on their backs, who asked the way to their campsite, as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award challenge. From Shatton, Steve warned, is 5 miles of trudge. First a path parallel to the road, where he recognised three elderly ladies with dogs whom he had met on an earlier walk. Then road, track, road, path alongside the river to Castleton. Andrew was tiring now - probably psychologically more than physically! - while Steve alternated between agreeing with Andrew and boasting that he might still have the energy to run up Mam Tor and down again!

In the event the boast proved hollow, because he enjoyed a drink in the Peak Hotel as much as Andrew did, when they arrived at Castelton.

They arrived just after 5 pm - taking eight and three quarter hours for 21 miles, faster than either of them expected. They had done it! Andrew had seriously wondered whether he could do such a thing - the longest walk he had attempted since his youth.

Thanks must go to John and Amanda, who drove over from Altrincham to celebrate with Steve and Andrew, with a meal at another venue, and then took Steve back to Hayfield to pick up his car and Andrew to Stockport station for a train home.

Might the very occasional long walk be good for the soul of the MPC?

July 2023
1 Jul Tockholes Amanda Timpany 7 m
11:00 am, carpark next to the Royal Arms, Tockholes Road, Ryal Fold, Darwen BB3 0PA We will walk down to the reservoirs, to the old hall, up over Darwen Moor, to the Darwen Tower and back to the carpark. There is some climbing in the walk.
8 Jul Bamford & Stanage Edge Geoff Orsler 8 m
11:00 am, Dennis Knoll Car Park, grid ref SK227843 (near to postcode S32 1BQ). Path beneath Stanage Edge past High Neb to Moscar Lodge, then paths to Cutthroat Bridge; up onto Bamford Edge and road back to the car-park.
15 Jul Barnton; Harry's 90th Birthday Harry Kennedy 5-6 m
11:30. Baptist Chapel, Little Leigh This was the second MPC walk, the leader of which was 90 years old on this day. The previous one was by Ken Hankey a few years ago.

A day of sun, cloud and half-a-dozen severe short sharp showers.

To Marbury Lane by car. From the car-park, through Hopyards Wood to the Weaver Navigation and follow the canal to Anderton and the boat lift. From there we'll walk footpaths to Carey Park returning to Marbury Park via the high level path and through the woods and along the mere shore to our cars.

22 Jul (a) Goyt Valley
(b) Dunham
(a) John Grieve
(b) John Procter
9-10 m
(a) 11:00 am. The Shady Oak Pub, Long Hill, Fernilee SK23 7HD
(b) See Dunham below.
(a) From the pub, we take the high-level road over to Coombs, where we can have refreshments at the Beehive. If the weather is good we will make our way to Rye Flat farm and then onto Whitehall activity centre. from here we will make our way to Errewood Reservoir and back to the Shady Oak, a distance of 9/10 miles. If the weather is bad we will shorten the walk and return via Coombs Reservoir a distance of 6 miles.

(b) See Dunham below.

29 Jul m
August 2023
5 Aug (a) Chinley
(b) Dunham
8? m; 5 m
Postponed to next week because of bad weather.
12 Aug (a) Chinley
(b) Dunham
(a) John Grieve (b) ? 8? m; 5 m
(a) 11.00 am. The Old Hall Inn, Whitehough, Chinley, SK23 6EJ (public car-park behind the pub)
(b) See below.
(a) From the pub, we take the road to Hollins Park for a steady climb to Over Hill Road. Here we pick up a stile for a path up to the quarries and walk to the Big Stone. From here we walk down to Shedyard Farm and proceed down Shedyard Clough. At the bottom, we go to the water treatment plant and the old railway track to the pub. The walk is done in reverse from parts of previous MPC walks in order to minimise the climbing.
(b) See below
19 Aug Combs Edge John Grieve 8 m
11 am. Beehive Inn car-park in Combs, SK23 9UT Take the road past Rye Flat Farm to a gate with a P&NFPS sign to Combs Edge. Here the climbing starts as we walk up to Bank Hall Farm (strenuous climb), walk through the farm to the road at the foot of the edge. Climb up to the edge and go left around it. We then drop steeply to the White Hall Outdoor Centre. From here we cross a stile to take the path to Combs Head Farm, Broadlee Farm, Bag House Farm, Rye Flat Farm and back to the Beehive Inn for refreshments.
26 Aug Dunham David Pocklington 5 m
See below
September 2023
2 Sep Dunham 5 m
See below
9 Sep Dunham 5 m
See below
16 Sep m
23 Sep Dunham David Pocklington 5 m
See below
30 Sep (a) Frodsham
(b) Dunham
Andrew Basden
John Procter
8 m
(a) 11.0 am, Frodsham Station south Car Park.
(b) See below.

(a) Through cut to Townfield Lane, Hob Hey Wood, Orchard, Bradley, up through fields to Kingsley Rd, Frodsham Caves, Shepherds Houses, Frodsham Edge, Frodsham Head, back to Car Park.

(b) See below

Report by AB

Report: Starting off nice, the day soon turned grey and began to spit then rain, and it rained through most of the day. This was not a good welcome for our two guests today, David and Ruth. The orchard down by the river provided a bag of apples, some tasty and sweet, as did a reliable tree on the lane up to Bradley. Lunch was taken at Frodsham Caves, in the company of a family whose children enjoyed exploring them. The rest of the walk, via Shepherds' Houses, Snidley Moor and Frodsham Edge, was wet - but it is always an interesting walk with variety.

October 2023
7 Oct (a) Edale - Chinley
(b) Dunham
(a) Steve Tetlow 7 m; 4 m
(a) 11:00. Chinley station.
(b) Dunkam (see below)
(a) Train (11:23) from Chinley to Edate. From Edale we follow footpaths or the lane to Barber Booth, then the Chapel Gate track up to Rushup Edge. Several routes are possible from there, but the most likely is via Slackhall, Chapel Milton and finally Chinley. There is a steep climb up Chapel Gate but otherwise there are no significant hills to climb.
(b) See below
14 Oct (a) Styal & Bollin Valley
(b) Dunham
(a) Amanda Timpany (a) 8 m; (b) 4 miles
(a) 11:00 am. Ship Inn Altrincham Road Styal SK9 4JE
(b) Dunham (see below)
(a) Walk through Styal Woods and Bollin Valley to the Carrs and Styal Wood to Styal Mill.
(b) See below
21 Oct (a) Chinley + South Head - Cancelled by Storm Babet
(b) Dunham
(a) John Grieve
(b) ?
7 m
(a) 11:00 am. Old Hall Inn (Public) car park (behind the Old Hall Inn), SK23 6EJ
(b) 11:00. See below.
(a) through Chinley up to the Memorial Park, then Over Hill Road and bridleway to Peep O'Day, cross road and up towards South Head; follow track to Andrews Farm, Bradshaw Fields, Alders Farm. Cross railway line, join road to Chinley, back to Old Hall
(b) See below,
28 Oct (a) Alport Castles
(b) Dunham
Steve Tetlow 8 m
(a) 11:00 am. lay-by at SK170873 on the A57 Snake Pass road to Ladybower
(b) See below
(a) The first half of the route will follow the traditional course, including Crook Hill, Rowlee Pasture, Alport Castles and the descent to Alport Castles Farm and Alport Bridge. Instead of ascending to Hope Cross, the second part of the route will follow the paths along the valley floor via Haggwater Bridge and Hagglee Ford back to the starting point.
(b) See below
November 2023
4 Nov (a) Chinley, South Head
(b) Dunham
John Grieve (a) 7 m (b) 5 m
(a) "For those willing to brave the elements this coming Saturday," 111:00 am. Car-park behind the Old Hall Inn (SK23 6EJ)
(b) See below.
(a) Through the village on to the memorial park, up Overhill Road,take the Bridleway sign to Peep O' Day farm, cross the road and walk up to South Head. Before we get to South Head, a track leads to Andrews Farm, Bradshaw Fields, and across Hayfield Road to Alders Farm. We cross the railway line, join the road into Chinley and walk back to the Old Hall.
(b) See below.
11 Nov Holme Valley Steve Tetlow 8 m
11:00 am. Digley Reservoir Quarry car-park (HD9 2QD), which is just north of Digley reservoir next to the minor road leading down to the reservoir from the A635 Holmfirth road. NB, this car-park is different from the small car-park south of the reservoir where we have parked in the past. Car-park, field paths (Holme Valley Circular walk) to Holmbridge, then path up to Moss Edge; follow the HVC Walk over to Snailsden Reservoir; Ruddle Clough, Ramsden Clough and Great Twizle Head to Holme Moss car-park; descend next to the Woodhead Road back to Holme (or alternatively, towards Black Hill, then descending Pennine Way path and Issues Road track back to Holme). The route may be varied depending on conditions on the day.
18 Nov (a) Diggle-Marsden
(b) Dunham
Steve Tetlow 6 m
(a) 10:30 am. Car-park at Sam Road End, Diggle (OL3 5NB)
(b) 11:00 am; see below.
(a) Diggle - Pule - Marsden; return various ways.
25 Nov m
December 2023
2 Dec m
9 Dec A,G,M. +
Christmas Lunch
Walk: 4-5m
Walk: 11:00, Deansgate-Castlefield Metro Station
AGM: Sams Chop House Back Pool Fold Manchester M2 1HN ( Off Cross Street)
We will visit the National Trust Viaduct Gardens on the former Cheshire Line viaduct, The Factory, the new home of the Manchester International Festival, The Peoples Museum in Bridge Street and will call at the Sir Ralph Abercrombie pub in Bootle Street (1790) recently saved from the developers.

Full list of MPC walks is available on separate page.

Dunham Walk Details

Dunham Walk Details
The Dunham Walk is a weekly fixture for those who wish to walk 4-5 miles. Below is the usual route; it might vary a little.


10 45 am at Dunham Hall National Trust Car park. WA14 4SJ. NT members free; non-members arriving without car free; non-members arriving in cars £7.


Walk towards the Nat Trust shop and cafe heading towards the Hall, past the Old Oak tree turning left through the arched entrance after crossing over the water, walk past the front of the hall taking the 2 nd left path towards Charcoal Lane and the tall ladder stile next to the gate house, crossingover Charcoal Lane and turn right and immediately left into the Dunham Forest Golf course, on reaching the fairway turn left towards the small cafe and toilet block just follow path turning right though a kissing gate making towards Oldfield lane.

After joining Oldfield Lane turn leftfor a short distance and turn right over a wooden stile proceed past a grave yardto Dunham Post office turning righton School Lane passing the Axe Cleaver public house, reaching Dunham School House, passing over the narrow Bridgewater Canal bridge, a short break here on the seat on the bank of canal.Return to School lane turning rightfor a few hundred yards , after passing Grove House farm buildings on your left, the road  rises towards the railway / Trans Pennine trail bridge,turn left at a gap in the hedge down a long set of wooden steps onto the Trans Pennine Trail railway line turn left towards lymm.

Reaching the closed railway crossing gates turn left at the Rope and Anchor pub, past the ice cream farm towards the Vine public houseshort refuel and pit stop here.

Turn left back onto Charcoal Lane passing Penningtons farm on the right continue until reaching the Bridgewater canal under pass returning to cars in Dunham Car Park.

4.5 miles steady pace: 2 hours 30 mins.

[Thanks to John Procter for the details.]

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